Back in the Sick House


It’s me. Bug.

bug says


I’m reporting to you directly from home because, once again, I’m home from camp.  I haven’t seen Toby or any of my friends for over two weeks, and I’m miserable.  If I have to watch Tank sleep through one more criminal minds marathon I’m going to chew the faces off of all his favorite men.  Yeah, that’s right.  I’ve spiraled down into a dark place and I’ve got the cabin fever.

bug says she has cabin fever

I’m on meds again, and hoping to be back on all four paws by the weekend.   On Saturday, camp is having a pet adoption event that I’m dying to go to, so lets all hope the meds work their magic and I can go.  I’ve been asking for a little brother so that Tank and I can officially start our band, so I’m constantly shopping around.  We’ve already decided his name will be scooter.  It just fits in with the vibe of our group.

Aside from that I’ve got very little to report – just a lot of same toys, different day action around here with a few freedom walks sprinkled in.

Until next time – stay cool my babies.

xx Bug



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  1. Oh my poor little Buggy! I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. Remember Rudy and Joey and Esme who live together? Well……we think Rudy and Joey are sick with the kennel cough thing too. It stinks being sick. I know you are bored and missing your friends. The picture of you in front of the door says it all. I hope your medicine fixes everything soon. My kitty is taking yucky medicine too. He has a sore toe. I took my grand-dog Bailey to the vet (oh my oh my she is scared to go there even though Dr. Cathy is so so nice to her). She had to have 8 of her teeth pulled. Oucheeee! I made her chicken and rice for supper. We sure miss you at camp. Love and XXXOOO Pam

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