Keep your Snout to Yourself.


I am ruined. I don’t know how this happened- it has been weeks since I’ve let anyone even come close to sniffing my bugina at camp, but the extra effort apparently went to waste. I have the Herp.  It’s easy to fall into the wrong crowds when you’re camp novice but I’ve been campaigning hard lately and my reputation is everything.  This has been so devastating, I haven’t gone out all weekend.

don’t look at me.

We’ve been in the Carolinas again for the body building show that blonde mommy promotes, staying at Truman and Jola’s.   In an unrelated turn Uncle Billy got roofied on Friday night (or so he claims…), which worked out pretty well for me since I was in too dark of a place to socialize at the show, so we stayed in and played angry birds on his new iPhone.

I cancelled camp this morning and am just focusing on taking my meds and getting well right now.  I am still feeling low, but Tank reminded me that it is our flaws that give us character, so I’m trying to embrace that thought and soldier on.  In addition to the obvious PSA theme in here, I’d like to remind all other campers out there to wash their paws and limit their hello sniffs. Just remember the wise wise words that a medical professional once told me: if it’s wet and it’s not yours, DON’T touch it. So true, so true.

Stay safe and stay clean my babies,

xx Bug

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