Pumpkin, Sandy & My Humbling Halloween


This has been a crazy week. From costume contests to hurricane sandy, I’ve been through some highs and lows.

As I told you in last week’s post, camp sponsored a big costume party on Sunday. I was a WRECK all week picking my outfit.  I almost went as a binder full of women, but opted for something warmer when I checked the temp outside.  It’s chill ‘ville people.

I went as a froggle.

There were some pretty great costumes out there, and unfortunately, I was defeated in the awards rounds.  The big winner was a doodle dressed as the dog from up attached. to balloons. It was a total relief that he wasn’t dressed like any of the human characters.  No offense but it skeeves me out when I see animals dressed like humans.  It just ain’t right.

Tall mommy went with me, which I NEVER would have allowed if I knew the SPCA group was going to be there.  She got a little too emo when she met Pumpkin in her bumble bee costume.

Punkin’ is cool and all, but I don’t have space in my room for another sibling.  I mean, Tank is hibernating ALL the time in there these days. This place is at FULL capacity.

Tall mommy made me promise to tell you all that ‘Pumpkin’ is available for adoption at the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA.  She’s 8 years old, super sweet, and doesn’t get a lot of visits.

She made blonde mommy go and walk her yesterday – I almost went but Tank and I were at home recovering from the hurricane scare.  Blonde mommy calls her ‘plumpkin’ because she’s carrying a few extra LBS, but I get it.  I mean, I love food, and my boyfriend Toby is always telling me how he likes a pup with a little meat on her bones.  Get it plumpkin pumpkin, I feel you, no judgement.

As many of you know, hurricane Sandy came up the east coast this week.  Everything was shut down in anticipation of high winds and torrential rains.  I didn’t think it was going to impact my life until camp said they were going to be closed on Tuesday.  Yeah, that’s right, camp CLOSED.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  I was so upset I tied my leash to one of the supporting beams and vowed to stand my ground even if all the walls came down.  I keep emergency snacks in my camp knapsack so I would have been set for a day or so.  I figured this would be a great way to demonstrate my commitment to camp and both my mental and physical toughness.  My plan would have totally worked if tall mommy hadn’t made me go home.  I missed my big moment, and to rub salt in my very open wound, I missed the LAST costume contest at camp today. Unbelievable.

Hope you all had good halloweens.  And someone adopt Pumpkin so tall mommy will stop trying to bring her home.

Stay cool my babies.

xx Bug

Dia de Los PERROS!


Halloween is almost upon us.  This is so exciting. Tank and I have a HUGE party to go to on Sunday with the gang from camp at the ‘off leash’ park at Darden Towe.  There are actual prizes and treats for the winners so you better believe we are taking this seriously.  Tank likes to win.

We had a hasty dress rehearsal in the kitchen today with the moms to make our final costume decisions.

its a SHARK TANK!!!!

I think Tank has nailed it with his final decision but I’m still waffling a bit.  I think it’s going to be a game time decision for me.

Rarrrr! I’m an alligator!

I’m a lady BUG. get it?

check it. I’m a BUG BOMB!

I’m still torn about which costume to choose or if I should go the homemade route but I’ve got 48 hours to make a final decision so I’m not sweating it. yet.

Charlottesville Pups come out to join me and my Pampered Pet’s daycamp friends for some Sunday play and some friendly costume competition.  We’re supporting animal connection, so it’s all in good fun.

Hit me up on Facebook or twitter (@bugsays) and let me know which costume you think I should choose.  I’m pretty sure my boyfriend Toby will be there so it is critical that my costume is a 10.

Stay cool my babies,

xx Bug


Keep your Snout to Yourself.


I am ruined. I don’t know how this happened- it has been weeks since I’ve let anyone even come close to sniffing my bugina at camp, but the extra effort apparently went to waste. I have the Herp.  It’s easy to fall into the wrong crowds when you’re camp novice but I’ve been campaigning hard lately and my reputation is everything.  This has been so devastating, I haven’t gone out all weekend.

don’t look at me.

We’ve been in the Carolinas again for the body building show that blonde mommy promotes, staying at Truman and Jola’s.   In an unrelated turn Uncle Billy got roofied on Friday night (or so he claims…), which worked out pretty well for me since I was in too dark of a place to socialize at the show, so we stayed in and played angry birds on his new iPhone.

I cancelled camp this morning and am just focusing on taking my meds and getting well right now.  I am still feeling low, but Tank reminded me that it is our flaws that give us character, so I’m trying to embrace that thought and soldier on.  In addition to the obvious PSA theme in here, I’d like to remind all other campers out there to wash their paws and limit their hello sniffs. Just remember the wise wise words that a medical professional once told me: if it’s wet and it’s not yours, DON’T touch it. So true, so true.

Stay safe and stay clean my babies,

xx Bug

Tank has the Disco Sweats

Dudes, I have to tell you – I’m worried about Tank.

For the last few months Tank has been a changed man.  He eats his food (almost) faster than me, he has been skipping his afternoon naps to run with mom in the park, and even more alarmingly, he has taken to snuggling with almost complete strangers and not even threatening to cut them.  He’s lost his edge guys and I didn’t see it coming.

I’ve been putting in so many hours at camp lately that I’ve lost touch with Tank and just knew he was hiding something from me.  I wanted to believe that he was just secretly dating the Boston down the street or maybe had gotten into Buddhism, but that is not the case.

Yesterday when I was at camp Tank was chewing in my room (he likes to go in there for quiet time) and left some of his stuff under my bed.  That’s where I found this:

seriously Tank? SERIOUSLY?

Guys, its worse than I could have ever imagined.  Tank has been Disco Sweat-ing with Richard Simmons.  I mean, I just still can’t even believe it.  I know he’s been dressing a little more alternatively, even for Tank, but I thought it was just a phase.

I can’t even talk about it.  I’m going to have to have an intervention this weekend, this can’t possibly continue.

Wish me luck and stay cool my babies,

xx Bug

Fall updates.

Dudes, how’s it hangin’?

It’s becoming a pretty crisp fall here in cville.  My first sign was that it feels a bit cooler in the mornings, my second was when the pool closed at camp.  The moms even took Herman to his winter home so Tank has moved his office to the couch.  He loves that thing.  I’m pretty sure he’s keeping his secret journal somewhere in the cracks but I haven’t had enough time alone in there to get my paws on it.

As the fall has been rolling in the mom’s have been super busy with their businesses and new projects, so I’ve been able to talk them into taking me to camp a couple more times a week.  It’s awesome.  I think the increased frequency has helped expedite my relationship development with some of the regulars.

Today my buddy Lexi and I got a little publicity on the camp Facebook page – a picture snapped right after he finished telling me a joke.  That guy is always cracking me up.

So, two cats walked into a bar…

 Today when I was leaving camp I saw this dude Howie with his parents.  It’s so weird to see my camp friends outside of play group, but I think that might be a good angle to take if I’m going to secure solid votes for class president.  I sent tall mommy an email about FINALLY scheduling a play date with my friend Fiona.  I’ve been on her to schedule it for DAYS, and honestly, it’s like she doesn’t even read my emails.  She’s had a stomach virus for a few days, but I can’t let a little illness hold back my campaign.

I’m staying home with Tank tomorrow so I’ll be sure to post more about those ‘adventures.’  Tank has been a changed man these last few months so his plans are far less dangerous and far more BORING, but that’s a story for another time.

Stay cool my babies,

xx Bug