Life in a shoebox.

Dudes, I hope you all had great weekends.  Mine was crazy.

For starters, I went to camp on friday and came home to find that my whole world had been changed.  My spacious luxury penthouse was no were to be found, and in its place was this suffocating iron prison.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my new place has a few amenities, but they are few and far between.  I’ve had my eye on a sweet futon recently, so this downsize couldn’t have come at a worse time for me.  The moms pretended to understand my pain, but they have obviously learned nothing from Flowers for Algernon.

Needless to say, Friday night was a little rough at Casa Bug, but I’m nothing if not a trooper and I soldiered on.

The moms got me some new jammies to make up for putting me in this gerbil cage (an underwhelming gesture if you ask me) and they’re so badass.  They’ve got skulls and crossbones, my favorite, and came just in time for my next two weeks of Olympic viewing devotion.

I have lots of updates from watching the games with Tank, but I’ll have to circle back with you tomorrow – I’ve got to catch some z’s so I can be on my A-game at camp tomorrow.

Stay cool my babies,

xx Bug

Confessions of a Bug

Dudes, its me, Bug.

Its tough for me to admit this, but I have a problem.  I’m a hoarder.

I want to say I don’t know how it got this bad, but that would be a lie. I’ve always been this way.  I used to blame the moms for being enablers and buying me countless new babies, but that would just be an easy excuse. It’s important that I confront the tough realities of my addiction.

Even when I was just a mini-bug I had to be ears deep.  I’d start playing with one, then another.  Then another.  Before I knew it I couldn’t stop.  I’d have four, five, sometimes even six babies surrounding me and still felt like I needed more.

I was completely out of control.  Sometimes the moms would find me passed out in my bed, surrounded by half chewed, soulless babies.  Their bodies limp, stuffing on the floor, squeakers just ghosts of the past.   I was a monster.

I lost my ability to connect personally with my babies.  I was so focused on where the next one was coming from and how I was going to get my paws on it’s squeaker that I hardly even remembered their faces anymore.  I was consumed.

A few weeks ago my brother Tank held an intervention for me.  He gathered all my babies, including my oldest friend, Cat R. Pillar, and confronted me about my problem.  It has been a tough road, but I’m focused on just taking it day by day.

Thanks for letting me open up, it feels good to unload.

Stay cool my babies.

xx Bug

Skulls & dogbones

Dudes, yo, how badass is this?  My Aunt Lauren is getting her CrossFit certification this weekend and sent me this picture of the CrossFit box she’s visiting.

I love skulls.

Yesterday the moms went to the pet store to get Tank and I some new treats and they got me this new bling for my collar.  Totally completes my gym outfit.

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday practicing my ring dips and double unders.  Blonde mommy told me I need to get bigger to lead the pack on the WODs.  I’m pretty aerodynamic, and I know I can top out on the workouts that have running – even though I hear the runners are the ones that like to cheat most on the strength parts.  I’m all set on wallballs and snatches, but the rower is what really chaps my ass.

Anyway, it was a good weekend but I am spent.  Tank and I didn’t even make it to the double digits last night.

Sometimes, you just need a few extra Z’s.

Stay cool my babies.

xx Bug


So, a couple days a week I go to camp. The other kids in my camp are pretty cool – I’m in small group because of my size, but I’m angling to roll with the bigs before the end of the year.

It’s been wicked hot out lately, so I’ve been taking dips in the pool and surveying the scene. I’m thinking about running for class president this year, so I’ve got to get a good feel for the play yard and who runs which toy rings.

Last weekend the moms took me to a big pool for swimming lessons, and my brother Tank showed me how to live the good life.

Tank’s a boss – just check out his teeth. He’s nice to me because I’m his little sister, but he’ll cut you if you try to mess with me.

Time for breakfast, so I’ve gotta roll.

Stay cool my babies.



Dudes! Hi.

Welcome to my new blog.

My moms rescued me from the Humane Society about four months ago, and once those adoption papers were signed I never looked back.  There WAS one time my microchip scan showed that I wasn’t the dog they picked out, but we’ve all moved past it and so should you.  According to my papers my name is Ella, but I go by Bug.  Just Bug.

Anyway, this is my blog.  The moms are constantly talking for me, so I wanted a place to share my own thoughts and adventures.  I’ve got lots of both, so come back and check me out often.

Until then, stay cool my babies.

xx Bug